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United Synthetic Gear Oil (SAE) 75W-90 is an extreme-pressure (EP) synthetic gear oil for use in hypoid gears in differentials, and where applicable, manual transmissions found in cars, trucks and heavy duty equipment. It outperforms conventional petroleum gear oil.

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Racerlube Grear oil EP-90


RACERLUBE EP-140 the viscosity of synthetic oils according to the ISO grading system is between 32 to 6800. Synthetic gear oils are used for gears operating under extreme conditions: very low or very high temperatures, high pressures Chevron Gear Oil GL-1 SAE 140 are rust and oxidation inhibited gear oils that are recommended for many automotive and industrial equipment where the equipment suppliers recommend the use of a straight mineral oil in SAE viscosity grades 90 (ISO 220) or 140 (ISO 460).

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Racerlube Grear oil EP-140



RACERLUBE HY 46 is a mineral based lubricant that is used in Hydraulic Systems. The HY series is a group of premium Anti-Wear (AW) hydraulic oils with outstanding oxidation resistance. 46 represents the thickness of the oil which is an International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade (ISO VG) 46. Racerlube hydraulic fluid is a range of universal low-zinc anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed for the demanding performance requirements of today’s hydraulic systems. Its blended with group II base oil and a premium additive package that provides outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion, oxidation and provides superior sludge and particle control. Racerlube hydraulic fluid is available in the following ISO grades: 22, 32, 46, 68, 100. ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil – ISO VG 46 Hydraulic Fluid is normally required for industrial plant working under high-pressure etc


RACERLUBE Hydraulic oil 68 grade is most commonly used for hydraulics with vane-, piston-, or gear-type pumps, especially where pressures exceed 1000 psi. They can also be used to lubricate lightly loaded reciprocating compressors. Hydraulic oil 68 is formulated with refined paraffinic base oils. ISO 68 Hydraulic Oil – ISO VG 68 Hydraulic Fluid is designed for use in systems which require a large load-carrying ability.

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RACERLUBE Hydraulic oil 46/68